“Work” Fan Yuan Yongyi: I Want All

When it comes to Yuan Yongyi, everyone may think first-she loves to buy bags. Secondly, her husband, Zhang Zhilin, is very handsome. But what everyone doesn’t know is that besides buying bags, she also loves to buy watches! As a veritable “cousin”, what kind of watch does Yuan Yongyi have?

Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin

Some time ago, an article mentioned that Yuan Yongyi had the potential to become a “cousin”, but the article only focused on this Rolex Greenwich II series 126710BLRO-0001fake rolex (Pepsi Circle) worn by Yuan Yongyi. This Pepsi circle is a new product launched by rolex replica at this year’s Baselworld. Although the domestic public price is less than 100,000, the market has been premium for a long time, and there is still huge demand. Yuan Yongyi also really likes this watch and has worn it on many occasions.

I am eating ice cream with her husband, Zhang Zhilin.

This replica rolex Greenwich II series 126710BLRO-0001 watch (Pepsi Circle) I also wore when I met my friends

We know that once “replica rolex watches” enters the sea, Yuan Yongyi cannot have only one Rolex. But I don’t know, she was frightened at first sight, not only did she have fun with the new style, but she also collected antique labor and explosive labor…

fake rolex watches Cosmograph Daytona Series 116500LN-78590 White Plate Watch (Panda Di)

I vaguely wrote an “Rolex that can be bought around 100,000”, and this Panda Di appeared in it. But I’m young; I don’t know in the market, Panda Di is also high in the market … The phenomenon of the premium is not uncommon in rolex replicas for sale.

Yuan Yongyi wears fake rolex watch Cosmograph Daytona series m116508-0014 watch.

In the photo with Tan Yonglin, Yuan Yongyi wore a “Golden” Cosmograph Daytona series m116508-0014 watch. Yuan Yongyi is not a petite body style, and it is effortless to control a large-diameter men’s watch.