“Valentino possession” fake rolex

It is not too late to get to the topic. Like the previous Rainbow Daytona, this watch is also from replica rolex. Various series and models of rolex replica, everyone is already familiar with it, but the Rolex below is rare today and has amazing beauty-replica rolex watches. Note that the words on the dial of the watch (below the crown) are “OysterQuartz” and not “oyster perpetual” for the mechanical movement.

fake rolex watches “Pyramid Nails” decorated Oyster Quartz quartz DAY DATE.

Oyster Quartz is a unique rolex replicas for sale watch. Because quartz watches were very popular, fake rolex watch also developed a quartz movement (caliber 5055) and used it on rolex replica watches’s flagship series DAY DATE. In other words, this is a DAY-DATE quartz watch with a gold head and gold chain. Because the watch head and bracelet integrated design were popular in watch design at that time, so best rolex replica was also influenced by the trend of the time. Oyster Quartz oyster quartz watches began to use watches Head and bracelet integrated style. Some even thought that rolex replicas was “plagiarizing” Royal Oak. As we can see, the Rolex Oyster Quartz has a completely different shape and aesthetics than other Rolexes.

We can see that the strap decorated with pyramid nails is very beautiful. The pyramid nails are very similar to Valentino’s nails today.
Rolex uses many unique designs on the Oyster Quartz watch, which is different from today’s Rolex oyster watch. Just like this quartz DAY DATE 19038, it uses a “pyramid” nail bezel and links. We know that today’s best fake rolex bezels are mainly dog ​​teeth and apertures. This pyramid nail bezel has disappeared. Today, this kind of pyramid nail decoration is a symbol of Valentino; this Rolex 19038 is like “Valentino’s possession.” In addition, we can notice that in addition to the bezel, bracelet, and pyramid nails on the dial, the bezel is also set with 12 diamonds, corresponding to the 12-hour time scale. The combination of diamonds and nails is very stylish and amazing. Because of these characteristics, how to spot a fake rolex OysterQuartz using pyramid nails is called the “Egyptian.” It can be seen that in addition to Panerai, Rolex also has Egyptians.