The “Best from the Stars” finale The actor’s breitling replicas

breitling replicas

“You from the Stars” ushered in the finale today. The breitling replicas experience of the male No. 1 has been exposed by us at the beginning of the broadcast. Today, we will summarize the knowledge of the men’s second watch: the bad guys wear Super complex function, warm men love classic models, pure boys can only wear smartwatches, the above three characteristics of your right number?

“Jaekyung Lee” is wearing the Breitling Montblanc 01 chronograph.

Almost all the bad guys in the drama are well-educated, born in a wealthy family, and have a deep-minded “outside is not beautiful” men. As a man of such complexity, he is embarrassed to say that he is acting as a “bad guy” without wearing a complicated piece. In “You from the Stars”, the Breitling Montblanc 01 chronograph is the watch of choice for the worst male No. 2 “Jaekyung Lee” in the drama.

Breitling replicas Montblanc Time Watch

The Montbrillant collection exudes the classic flair of the 1940s and 1950s, with the famous circular flying slider, named after La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Montpellier Street, from 1892 to 1979, the Breitling Watch Factory has been here. It is here that Breitling created the inventions and technological innovations of the chronograph, including the first independent chronograph button (1915), the dual separate chronograph button (1934), and the first self-winding chronograph (1969).

Also here, Breitling has created a world-renowned cockpit timer. With the prosperity of the air transport industry, it has been widely used in propeller aircraft and later jet aircraft, winning the “world aviation industry official” for Breitling. The reputation of the designated supplier. Today, the Breitling Montblanc Chronograph watch pays tribute to the tradition, paying attention to the beauty of the detailing of the clock, the slender hands, and the B-word Breitling logo in 18K gold. All of them exude the spirit of Montblanc.

“Jaekyung Lee” ‘s another watch selection Breitling mechanical chronograph watch (Chronomat)

Another watch of “Jaekyung Lee” is the brand Breitling, and the model is the Chronomat Chronomat.

Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Watch

As the flagship model of the Breitling, the Chronomat is the ultimate example of a mechanical chronograph and the ultimate chronograph watch. Its sturdy and unique design combines all the standards that a “professional wristwatch” should have: precise, sturdy, easy to read, functional, and waterproof to 500 meters (1,650 ft), which perfectly reflects the brand philosophy of Breitling.The best replica breitling mechanical chronograph is designed to accompany the global flying elite to achieve the blue sky feat. The exclusive all-in-one assembled Breitling self-winding automatic chronograph movement, these extraordinary “engines” are entirely developed and manufactured by Breitling 100% and have Swiss official Observatory Certification (COSC). The brave, magnificent, and technical appearance makes the wrist shine.

 “Jaekyung Lee” is wearing a Transocean Chronograph

The brand is worn by the male No. 2 “Jaekyung Lee,” which is called the “extraordinary” most loved, and the brother “Jaekyung Lee” are all in the same way, all of which are Breitling. But he chose the Transocean watch.

The Transocean Chronograph reinterprets the classic design of the 1950s and 1960s with clear modern elements, and loads the high-performance Breitling engine for the smooth and straightforward “body”, enjoying the first place in the wrist. Cabin luxury travel across the ocean. Sign. The watch’s retro-styled classic round chronograph button expresses the respect of the Breitling brand for the first waterproof chronograph button, while the “short-stick” hands with luminous materials show the modern temperament of the watch.

In the play, the “Thousand-Year” of the younger brother of the Millennium is the symbol of the “young faction”. The Samsung smartwatch is also the watch that best suits his identity and mood. It is just as simple as him. It will give more fun.