Replica De Breitling Teamed Up With International Motorcycle Brands

Replica De Breitling

Swiss watch brand Replica De Breitling announced an innovative partnership with British motorcycle manufacturer Norton Motorcycle, which will lead to a unique range of collaborative products and functions inspired by the exciting and very similar history of the two brands. The watch, Breitling will also use some of the typical materials of the legendary high-performance Norton motorcycle.
Both Breitling and Norton Motorcycles are brands that have been established in the 19th century and have a long history. The visionary founders named the company under their names and set the benchmark for the industry to a large extent. James Lansdowne Norton founded his own company in 1898 to make two-wheeler parts and started the first motorcycle in 1902. At that time, Willie· Léon Breitling has more than ten years of watchmaking experience in the Jura Mountains workshop.
These two long-established brands have incredible stories. For more than half a century, Replica De Breitling has earned a reputation for its close relationship with aviation and its pioneering position in chronographs. Norton Motorcycles has long recognized as the UK’s top motorcycle manufacturer, with excellence both inside and outside the track, which performed.

Georges Kern, who has been CEO of Replica Breitling since the summer of 2017, says Breitling has a striking resemblance to Norton.
In 2008, Stuart Garner acquired Norton Motorcycles and gave the brand a new vibrancy. He strongly agrees with Georges Kern and said: “I always believe that the key to a company’s success is to make the brand truly a brand. We have never tried to change the nature of the brand or deny its history. We are reborn from history and draw inspiration while looking at the future.”

Georges Kern believes that loyal fans of Replica De Breitling and Norton Motorcycles will be interested in each other’s brands. He said: “The two companies are known for their products that show ‘cool style’. It’s not hard to imagine that when a Norton motorcycle rider wears a classic Breitling watch, it is an aspiring and attitude brand. Strong alliance.”
The new Breitling watch will draw on the core elements of the two brands, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for watch and motorcycle enthusiasts, combining the superb Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship with the magnificent performance of “British-made” motorcycles. Personal charisma.