“Cyclops” Lets You See the Wider fake rolex World

Some people love it; some people hate it. Regardless of the point of view, one cannot deny that “Cyclops” (i.e., small window convex lenses) are a major feature of rolex replica. The birth of the Cyclops convex lens was originally for practical purposes. This innovative invention was designed to enlarge the calendar window and highlight the time display (1945, replica rolex log series with date display window). Cyclops convex lenses are named after the Sicilian giant Cyclops in Greek mythology, replica rolex watches was patented in the early 1950s, and it was introduced with the watch in 1953.

What led to the invention of the Cyclops convex lens? According to some sources, Hans Wilsdorf invented the Cyclops to help his wife read the date on the watch (note: refers to the second wife, Betty Wilsdorf-Mettler because (May Wilsdorf-Crotti’s first wife died in 1944), of course, this statement has not been confirmed by fake rolex watches.

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In a letter, Wilsdorf wrote: “I am convinced that the new Tropical case and mirrors, as well as the optical amplification components, will bring us something completely new.” Based on this idea, in order to protect innovation, Rolex in 1955 A “warning statement” was issued: “To all watchmakers, we remind you that watch mirrors with special shaped magnifying glasses have patent rights in Switzerland or abroad. We will not charge you for any counterfeiting. Do not hesitate to initiate legal proceedings. ”

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Cyclops convex lenses were soon extended to all oyster watches with date display functions, as well as the best rolex replica Greenwich and Day of the Week models. The only exception is the deep-dive series, which is not equipped with Cyclops convex lenses due to technical reasons in terms of mirror shape and thickness.