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There are many fans of Polish cheap Breitling Replica watchmakers G. Gerlach, and their latest creation, Kosmonaut, harks right back to the late 70’s, early 80’s. Their new project is based on memories from our childhood, when the first and only Polish astronaut, General Miroslaw Hermaszewski, who wore one on board the Salyut spacecraft.

Together with Russian astronaut Pyotr Klimuk, he spent almost eight days on board the Salyut 6 space station from 27 June to 5 July 1978. During their time in orbit, they carried out various geoscience experiments and photographed the Earth.

Apparently, as a direct result of General Hermaszwski wearing such a watch on board the space station, this timepiece was every kid’s dream in Poland at the time, and it was the first electronic watch made in what was then communist Poland. The original Breitling Replica Chronospace watches was equipped with Sanyo electronics with red LED. An extremely expensive watch at the time, it tough to get hold of one, and the battery was not only expensive but also lasted only a few weeks. No matter, it was still a must have as in communist Poland at the time it was as futuristic and exotic as a Star Wars movie.

Now G. Gerlach have returned to the era to create Kosmonaut. They have completely redesigned the watch with new electronics so as to give it the authentic appearance of a watch from that era. In fact the new Replica Breitling  Emergency watches will be a significant improvement on the original. The case is made from high quality 316L surgical steel. Although inspired by the 20th century it will be a modern watch very much from the 21st century.

The Kosmonaut is due for release in the Summer of 2015.