AAA Breitling Replica New Aviation Chronograph Series Carrying Swiss Movement

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Breitling watch brand new interpretation of the brand legend Navitimer, the active launch of two masterpieces, for the modern history of AAA Breitling Replica in the history of aviation timing continues to write a new chapter. Breitling’sBreitling’s exclusive classic aviation chronograph watch has redesigned with a larger diameter and a unique travel version with revolutionary and convenient features. Both new timepieces feature a high-performance Breitling-made movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC).

In 1952, Breitling introduced the “wrist gauge” designed for pilots and other aviation professionals – the Navitimer. This world-famous chronograph equipped with Breitling’sBreitling’s original circular flight slider, which can handle all kinds of calculations required during aviation flight. At the same time, it is the most iconic of Fake Breitling with its unique elegance and high-tech shape. The watch loved by aviation fans and is an excellent choice for investment in wrist collections. The Breitling Aviation Chronograph has been produced continuously for more than 60 years since its inception. It has become the world’s world’s oldest legendary mechanical chronograph watch

AAA Breitling Replica Air Chronograph 46 (Navitimer 46 mm)

The extraordinary interpretation of the legendary watch

New size, new influence: The classic Breitling chronograph (Navitimer) now presented in a more atmospheric 46 mm gauge – the XL XL design optimizes the readability of the dial data and highlights the originality of the model dramatically enhances its presence in the wrist. The larger size of the watch also makes the watch’ swatch’s famous black dial more dazzling, and the dial scale made of ultra-fine “épargne” on the sterling silver chassis, showing unrivaled brightness and legibility. The AAA Breitling Replica Air Chronograph 46 (Navitimer 46 mm) is also available in a blue dial with a cumulative timer of the same color for a beautiful interpretation of the blue sky between the wrists. Through the transparent sapphire surface, the precision operation of the Breitling homemade 01 movements is unobstructed.
The new timepiece is available with a steel bracelet or calfskin/crocodile leather strap and a limited edition of 200 black and red gold plates for extraordinary temperament and taste.

AAA Breitling Replica Air Timekeeping World Time Watch (Navitimer GMT)

Flying trumps across time zones

The Navitimer has always looked to the world and is ready to take off. It is undoubtedly your most reliable hurricane flight partner. The launch of the new Breitling Aerospace Time Watch (Navitimer GMT) reaffirms this mission: Breitling boldly innovates and integrates the spirit of the global traveler into this unique timepiece. The watch provides the wearer with a convenient operating experience, driven by the Breitling B04 movement, which is equipped with a super-utility full crown to adjust the innovative dual time zone system, allowing you to see through the transparent sapphire surface. The wearer only needs to pull out the head to rotate forward or backward, that is, the hour hand and date can quickly be adjusted to the time zone to which the trip is made while maintaining the 24-hour time display of the home time without affecting the minute hand. The extraordinary 48 mm diameter and oversized steel case ensure optimum readability like a dashboard. The new timepiece offers two dial options – a classic black dial with a silver chronograph dial or a full silver version, and an optional steel bracelet or calfskin/crocodile leather strap. Another limited edition of 200 black and red gold plates is available.