Watches Reviews: Nitron Warriors Warhawk

In the final comment, I mentioned the impact of the era of the popular watch on the public. Fortunately, Nitron, who still appreciates the large-scale watches with unique designs, has launched their limited edition Warhawks series watches. This watch features a metal fishing tackle box that is unique and very sturdy. During my comment/photo shoot, I actually used this box as my watch transport. When I first opened the tackle box, I met a mini tactical flashlight, warranty card and watch. I have to admit that the mini flashlight is a good extra bonus. Who doesn’t like cool actors? Don’t misunderstand what I mean. The large IP bronze watch sitting in this tackle box is very focused on the center of action. Entering a 50mm monster weighing 200 grams, this piece is definitely not suitable for a weak wrist.


The unique design of this piece complements its size and weight. In my opinion, the 42mm design does not produce the same effect at all. Nitron realized that the size and design were not for everyone, so Nitron produced only 18 pieces before the negative news from Nacys. I like the position of the oversized crown at 12 o’clock. The crown has a dual protection system that has both a screw-in action and a locking hinge rod that fits precisely on the crown. These two protection functions also have precise functions. They are easy to grip and operate in all environments. The signature crown looks great, especially when the crown protector is completely closed, all the parts you see from the top down are the engravings on the crown.


The same can be said to be a huge compass bezel. I like the overall design of this bezel. It works with this case/crown and creates a hell on the wrist that focuses on stealing the beast. Although this watch is large, it is very comfortable to wear. I didn’t wear any comfort problems during my shift of 10-12 hours. I like Nitron’s case from 4mm to 17mm, which gradually slopes from the lug to the lug. On the back of the showcase, the plastic movement and IP bronze instead of solid bronze are the disappointment of this piece. I would have liked to see a sturdy case with a P-40 killer engraving picture on the back. The details of a truly complete watch are far more than the current situation.


The P-40 Warhawk on the dial is the inspiration for this Warhawk Warriors collection. I can’t imagine a more appropriate dial that would complement this case better. The dial is as bold as this. I like the depth of this dial and all the details are created together. Bold hands and hour markers create a clear, discernible fashion dial. The second large propeller type is very unique, but due to its size, its rotation has some small stuttering. The dial has some great depth and is created by black date wheels/dial cutouts, hex head screws and oversized markers/pointers. In my opinion, the P-40m Warhawk on the dial is this dial. I really like the fact that its facial style is not clear. The cool thing is that you have to look at the dial carefully to get it back and really appreciate all the details of this dial.


This is definitely a unique watch with some cool features/design details. One detail I like is that the top of the case has no traditional lugs, but the bottom of the case has this thick badass lug. This really increases the overall attention of the Warhawks. The amount produced is very limited and is clearly a concern for the public. This is a very good work. Is it perfect? No, I mentioned the place I want to improve and go further. Do these changes involve saboteurs? That is in the eyes of the beholder. As I said, this is not everyone’s watch, but a watch that is looking for something different from a large number of submarine clones. This watch deserves their attention. It’s fun to wear, it’s fun to play, just look at the fun of the wrist.