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Yesterday, an evening of high-octane thrills was anticipated at Mumbai’s revered Mehboob Studio as

Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan said, “When you achieve success, it’s tempting to coast along and let your guard down. The key is to keep pushing. You have to find it in yourself, and be motivated by what’s next. The only way not to crack under pressure is to find your own space and never stop trying.”

Amit Chaloo, General Manager – Replica Breitling Super Ocean India added, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure is not just a claim, it is a powerful mindset. Our celebration for the evening is a reiteration of this mindset. There is no better way to showcase this belief than with our brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan who exemplifies this mindset even more.”

The ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ claim enlightens the mental strength of the Dream Team, athletes and partners, who reflect the values of the fake Breitling shield. Each builds on the legend in their particular field, reinventing the rules as they go: be it Ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Tennis star Maria Sharapova, electronic Music icon David Guetta, It Girl Cara Delevingne, Formula1 Mc Laren Team or Superstar Shah Rukh Khan.