The Legend Made by Speed

Daytona Beach, Florida, in the eastern United States, is famous for the world’s speed capital. If you have the opportunity to go there, you will see the famous straight sand beach, and rolex replica will become the legendary capital of land speed records. Many replica rolex racing events are held here, and many world record speeds on land are also set here. Among them, the most noticeable is the record of nearly 450 kilometers per hour in the “Bluebird” sports car of Sir replica rolex watches Malcolm Campbell.

So far, Daytona’s beach racing, known as the “center of world racing,” has long been replaced by professional racing venues. In this “speed land,” not only many famous drivers and racing cars have appeared, but also a well-known chronograph watch-fake rolex watches Cosmograph Daytona watch.

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rolex replicas for sale has a long history with motorsports. The brand has been producing chronographs since 1933. These models are usually equipped with other functions on the surface, such as a speedometer to measure speed, a telemeter to measure distance or the pulse of a heartbeat. Etc. At that time, Sir Malcolm Campbell, who drove on Daytona Beach, always wore a Rolex Oyster watch, and the fake rolex watch in it used the smallest chronograph movement at the time, becoming a classic Rolex representative One.

However, an rolex replica watches chronograph is really famous because it was newly remodeled in 1963. Rolex launched a new chronograph “Cosmograph watch” for racers, using Valjoux 72 (acquired by ETA after Valjoux) full manual machine. Core. The design of the watch dial is entirely based on practical considerations, making the timekeeping function of the watch easier to read. The chronograph uses strong contrasting colors, with a light dial with black, or a black dial with light color. The speed measuring ring is moved from the surface to the periphery of the outer ring.

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Among them, a dial called “Paul Newman” (Paul Newman) is the most famous, of course, because of different colors are also divided into several models. And the most orthodox of this dial watch (Ref: 6239) often worn by well-known American film star and racer Paul Newman. The iconic features are a white dial, a black sub-dial, a red scale on the outer circle of the dial, and a square deal on the sub-dial. To this day, “Paul Newman” Daytona has become a hard good with a price of less than 500,000 yuan at the auction.