Take you to know the identification method of real watches and replica watches

The movement used by replica watches is still based on the movement of the regular watch factory for the second transformation, but also relatively junior. The domestic high imitation watch manufacturers even completely modeled the movement of foreign brands, and the representative of this is the 3135 of this Rolex.

Undercover for half a year, revealing the Chinese replica watches industry for you!

The left is the authentic Rolex 3135 calibre, and the right is the imitation 3135 calibre produced by the high imitation manufacturer.

Although this high imitation 3135 calibre has many shortcomings that can be discerned at a glance, this movement is undoubtedly a milestone in the production of domestic fake watches. High imitation manufacturers have moved from simple casing processing to complex movements.

Here are a few of the replica watches to show you how flexible the replica watches are. By the way, how to use the fastest way to identify.

Tudor (Tudor) Pelagos’s true and false contrast map, a real table, a high imitation, high imitation is also made of titanium.

The method of identification is to observe the color of the head and the nitrogen exhaust valve. The color of the head and the nitrogen exhaust valve of the real watch is a little deeper than the case, and the fake watch is the same.

Next up, Rolex Yachts is also a real one, and everyone can click to view the HD big picture.

This high imitation Rolex yacht, also on the microblogging, please look at the picture identification, the answer is: the right side is true! 147 people answered, 68 people answered correctly. The fastest way to identify is to use a 10x magnifying glass to observe the font of the watch.

There are also many brands that do not use generic fonts, but custom-made fonts for anti-counterfeiting.

This article begins with the fact that high imitation watches are all looking for regular watch manufacturers, but there are no logos. At the end of the day, I want to print the font on the dial, because the regular manufacturers will not pick up such orders, so most of the high imitation is to seek a small workshop printing logo. This is the easiest part of the font to make the high imitation table stand out.

It is worth noting that relying on fonts to check the table is not absolute. Because high imitation watchers can find someone to customize the font library and seek a formal watch factory that dares to print privately, only low-level imitation watches will not do so, and high-level imitation watches will.

Left true right, pay attention to SWISS MADE several letters, the font of the real table has a pen at the end, and the fake watch does not, and the real table scale luminous powder is very uniform, the fake table is uneven (click to enlarge)

Left true right, real table font has a pen at the end, and fake watches do not