Breitling Emergency Ii Replica The Brave Man In Full Support

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Yves Rossy, the “flying man” supported by Breitling Emergency Ii Replica, is the only brave man in the world who only flies in the air by a self-made jet flying wings. He is a former fighter pilot and is currently the captain of Swiss International Airlines. He is now more famous in the name of “flying man.” This talented flying pioneer, with its flying wings carrying four jet engines, is like a bird flying in the sky, so the unique stunt is a heroic challenge to the flight limit!

Breitling Emergency Ii Replica supports the flying man Yves Rossi.

Because it relies on jet-powered flying wings to fly, the whole process is extraordinary and thrilling. Yves Rossi ascended to the sky by plane or helicopter, carrying a flying wing inside the cabin, starting the flying wing engine at the pedal of the aircraft, and leaping from a height of about 2,000 meters. After adjusting the flight position to a height of about 1500 meters, he will increase the horsepower speed by controlling the fuel lever. During a flight lasting about 10 minutes, the wing is a wing, the eye is a navigator, and the body is a joystick that controls the height and direction of the flight. After the fuel is exhausted, the “flying man” opens the parachute and calmly landed in the predetermined position, completing the shocking visual and precise legendary flight.

Behind every flight, the legend is the courage, hard training, and meticulous preparation of Yves Rossi. This brave adventurer never takes an unprepared adventurer.

The Flying Man and the Breitling Emergency Ii Replica Skywalking Team danced against the blue sky
The challenge is never-ending. Sharing this flight with everyone is his ultimate goal!

Flying people dance with the Breitling Jets

“Flying Man” Yves Rossi and the Fake Breitling Watches Emergency Ii Replica Airwalk Flying Team Formation Flying “Flying Man” Yves Rossi and Breitling Jets Formation Flying “Flying Man” Yves Rossi and “Spitfire” Fighter (Spitfire) Fly “Flying Man” Yves Rossi flew over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Breitling supports the flying man over Rio de Janeiro.

“Flying Man” Yves Rossi Resume
Born in Switzerland in 1959
20-28 years old, served as a fighter pilot, driving a fighter such as Hunter, Raptor F-5, Mirage III
From 1988 to 2000, he served as the co-pilot of Swiss International Airlines. Since then, he has served as the captain and has begun to try various ways of galloping the sky.
Created a record of 25 uninterrupted sports in Switzerland in one day (aircraft, motorcycle, ski, ice skating, rock climbing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, helicopter, sports car, hang gliding, horseback riding, water skiing, speedboat, etc.)
In 2002, with an inflatable flying wing, it crossed the 12-kilometer strip between Switzerland and the shores of Lake Leman, France.
In June 2004, a 6-minute horizontal flight was completed using a flying wing equipped with two jet engines.
In 2006, the first successful completion of the climb flight with a flying wing loaded with four jet engines
On September 26, 2008, using the jet-powered flight wing, I became the first person to cross the 35-km English Channel in 13 minutes.
On July 2, 2010, the first formation flight with the Breitling Wingwalkers
On November 5, 2010, the early successful completion of the “360-degree flip” aerobatic flight around the Breitling Orbiter
On May 7, 2011, the first successful flight over the US Grand Canyon
On November 25, 2011, the first two L-39C jet fighters with the Breitling Jet Team were flying together.
On May 3, 2012, the first feat of flying over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was completed.
On June 22, 2012, the first flight with the classic Breitling DC-3 twin-engine propeller aircraft (Breitling DC-3)
In September 2012, for the first time in Switzerland, flying with the famous “Spitfire” fighter (Spitfire)
From September 11 to 15th, 2013, he performed again in the United States and appeared in the Reno Air Races, which is known as the “world’s fastest mechanical sports competition.”