Automatic Breitling Replica Opens Its First Store In Beijing

Automatic Breitling Replica

When you control an airplane at 800 km/h and keep a distance of only 2 m from your friend, the only thing you can trust is the best mechanical chronograph. Swiss famous independent watch brand Automatic Breitling Replica teamed up with TIME CITY to open its first Breitling Navitimer Replica store in the heart of Beijing’s Wangfujing core. At the event, a Breitling Jet Team 1 : 1 The original scale model fighter aircraft “flying” to the front square of the shopping mall, in order to break through the turmoil of the clouds, to show the blood of the century and the aviation and the unique flight passion and timepiece spirit to the consumers in Beijing, and more to symbolize the Breitling in China. 2013 new journey of the wing set sail.

At the main entrance of the Macao Center, today, Automatic Breitling Replica has arranged a mysterious square area.

The newly opened Breitling Beijing Guanya Ming Table City Macau Central Store located in the heart of Beijing’s famous Wangfujing Commercial Street, on the first floor of Wangfujing’s newest landmark, Macau. As the flagship store of Beijing Guanya Watch City, the Macau Center is home to many of the world’s top watch brands.

The overall decoration of the Breitling Macau Centre store follows the global unification of Breitling and stands out with passionate flying elements and bold artistic features. Breitling’s iconic bright yellow watchcases placed in a dark-tone store. They are displaying the Breitling watches in series and theme. Especially the flagship series with the self-produced movement – the Breitling Aviation Chronograph Series ( Navitimer. The Chronomat, and the Transocean showcase the Breitling “professional wristwatch” style. The sizeable flying theme posters on the window and the wall are also eye-catching, whether it is the Breitling Jet Team in the whistling sky or the cold-parking P-51 Mustang P-51. The brand image spokesperson “star” The pilot “John Travolta” or “fly” traveler David Beckham, as far as he can see. Customers can also enjoy the thoughtful service and professional purchase advice at the Breitling Macau Centre store to experience the extraordinary quality of the Breitling world.

Automatic Breitling Replica Aviation Chronograph

The store has a large number of media friends and friends who choose watches to enjoy and try on the observations in the newly opened stores of Breitling. The store has more space and can accommodate so many Breitling watch lovers.

Breitling has brought in a model of its famous Breitling Jet Team 1:1 first proportional fighter, which anchored in the central square of Wangfujing Macau. Mr. Kenneth Yuen, General Manager of Breitling China, and Mr. Pan Guocheng, General Manager of Guanya Ming Watch City, attended the opening ceremony, and Mr. Yuan Haoliang personally unveiled the model of the aircraft for the guests.

You can see that the mysterious area mentioned above is this 1:1 airplane model. As the world’s largest civilian professional jet aerobatic team, the Breitling Jet Team consists of seven L-39C Albatross two-seat jet military trainers. It was the blue sky of Guangdong Zhuhai at the 2012 China Air Show. The flying feast of precision and challenge is the unique flight passion of Breitling. Now, the 1:1 original ratio of the Automatic Breitling Replica jet fighter model “flyes” to Beijing, with the ambition to break through the glory of the clouds, bringing the visual impact of the Beijing watch fans, and the newly opened Breitling Beijing crown. The Asian name table city Macau Central store is a fascinating show, showing the extraordinary brand culture of Breitling.
“The accuracy, speed, and timidity of the Breitling Jets are as accurate as of the Breitling precision chronographs. They vividly reflect the blood of the Breitling and aviation and the spirit of the century. I am honored to come to Beijing on behalf of Breitling China. The Macao Center brought such a special gift to the new store of Guan Yaming Watch City Breitling.” Mr. Kenneth Yuen, General Manager of Breitling China, said that “Guan Ya Ming Watch City is one of the most powerful watch chains in China. Our cooperation with the Breitling Macao Center Store as the fifth Breitling store in Beijing highlights the confidence and strength of Breitling in the Beijing market, and even indicates that Breitling will continue to be exciting in China in 2013.”